Energy Medicine

Energy is Everything; Everything is Energy
By Deanna Spingola

Energy Medicine is literally the actual physical movement of electromagnetic energy within the body. One can also experience the movement of energy through a massage. However, massage therapists rely upon and work with muscles and bones rather than focusing on energy. Energy Medicine or Biomedicine, or portions thereof, has foundations in many ancient cultures: China, India, Native American, etc. Homeopathy and other natural methods were taught in numerous medical colleges until the notorious Abraham Flexner Report of 1910, funded by the Carnegie Foundation and supported by Rockefeller. This report drastically altered medical education in the US and elsewhere. Health became more profit-pharmacological-centered, instead of health centered. Doctors then began to view patients like an auto mechanic rather than holistically. If people have lost confidence in western medicine, due to big pharma side- effects, it may be time to adopt a different approach.

We have become a nation/world of mouth breathers - breathing through our mouths instead of through our noses. The book Breathe To Heal: Break Free From Asthma (Breathing Normalization) describes how people should be breathing. There are exercises wherein one may learn to breathe less often and through the nose. Breathing through the mouth may cause COPD, asthma and other respiratory-related illnesses. COPD is the third greatest cause of death after heart disease and cancer. When people breathe through the nose, as they should, it is filtered and warmed before it gets to the lungs. If people breathe through their mouths, there is no filter and all of the pollutants go straight to the lungs. We do not eat through our noses and we should not breathe through our mouths.

I learned about and took classes in EFT, Reiki, and Eden Energy Medicine. I am now in my second year of Eden Energy Medicine. When people refer to energy, they are not talking about stamina. Electromagnetic energy is the essence of the universe. Our bodies are a latticework of electromagnetic energy. However, mental and physical stress (toxic food, air, water) which we regularly experience, affects our physical and/or emotional health. The mind/body connection encourages meditation for relaxation and self awareness: EcoMeditation: Effortless Meditation in 7 Easy Steps

Eden Energy Medicine uses the body's energy & acupressure points to restore/maintain health: The 9 energy systems in the body: 1. Meridians; 2. Chakras; 3. Aura; 4. Electrics; 5. Triple Warmer; 6. Celtic Weave; 7. Basic Grid; 8. Five Rhythms; 9. Radiant Circuits

Our blood is circulated by the beating of our heart. There is another circulation system - that circulates when we move, exercise or tap - the Lymph System. That system has Neurolymphatic Points. For instance, when when tap our fingers on our thymus, it stimulates the T-cells that strengthens the immune system.

The 10 Body Systems: Skeletal; Muscular; Nervous; Endocrine; Circulatory; Respiratory; Digestive; Urinary; Lymphatic (Immune system); & Reproductive.

My Credentials & Background:
Dr Joe Dispensa's 9-week Online Progressive Workshop Dr. Dispenza wrote 4 books: Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon; Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One; You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter; Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind; Effective Meditation based on Dr. Dispenza's work; There are two times a day that are the most conducive to meditation: just before going to bed and immediately after getting up in the morning. From You are the Placebo, p. 267

Eden Energy Medicine: Level One, Fundamentals - 2019
EFT, Introduction to EFT; Full Level 1 Training; Intuition & Applied Keinesiology; Grief/Stress Release Thomas P. Masbaum 11-25-2018
Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master/Teacher Program, 1/6/2019 (Udemy)
USUI Shiki Ryoho Master Teacher, Level 3
Animal Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Animal Reiki Level 3
Buteyko breathing Techniques Training from Sasha Yakovleva, author of
Breathe To Heal: Break Free From Asthma