Some Interesting Points:


Some individuals suggest that Adam P. Lanza did not actually exist which of course merely an opinion if one fails to conduct proper research. To determine if Adam Lanza existed, one should check primary sources. In this case, one would check for a birth record, social security record, school records, census records (latest publicly released is 1940), medical and dental records and a death record. Additionally, eyewitness accounts from people who interacted with Adam P. Lanza could substantiate the primary source evidence.


Ryan Kraft, a neighbor babysat Adam about ten years ago and noticed “some unusual behavior from the boy.” Kraft, a former student at Sandy Hook, said, “When I had put him to bed early or stopped doing something, he would be really unhappy about it and throw a tantrum in a way that a younger kid I would normally expect to behave.” Kraft said, “Adam always struck me as a really introverted kid. He was really quiet and whenever we were doing something whether he was building Leggos or playing video games he was really focused on it, like he was in his own world.” [1]


Neighbor says Lanza was on meds, links between SSRIs and violence


Voter’s Records

Name:         Ryan J. Lanza (4 years older than Adam)

Birth Date:  10 Apr

Address:     36 Yogananda St, Sandy Hook, CT, 06482-1569 [2]


The police questioned Ryan Lanza who told police that he hadn't spoken to him in more than a year. When they asked him why, Ryan said Adam is “sick” and “doesn’t talk to anyone.” They then asked, “Do you have any idea why he did this?” Ryan responded: “No. I don't know him anymore.” [3]


Given Nancy Lanza’s documented devotion to obtaining mental health services for Adam, it seems bizarre that the Connecticut State Police (CSP) report fails to provide information about the last five years of Lanza's mental health records. In light of the article dated June 30, 2013 by The Hartford Currant, stating that the paper had access to Lanza’s medical records from birth to age 18, it becomes more curious that the official CSP report would fail to make these records public. [4]


On August 22, 2013, Connecticut Assistant Attorney General, Patrick B. Kwanashie, during a freedom of information hearing on this matter, stated that releasing this information could “… cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.” Mr. Kwanashie has been a lawyer in Connecticut since 1988, and receives an annual salary of $142,000. It is very significant that he denied a freedom of information request. The Lanza shooting is probably the highest profile case that Connecticut has experienced in decades. Obviously, it is a credible indication that Adam Lanza was taking a psychiatric medication around the time of the shootings. However, the State of Connecticut will not release this information because it “might induce large numbers of people to stop taking antidepressants.” [5]


We gain the following from Cass R. Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule regarding the infiltration of agents or their allies. “However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a combination of the following: (1) Government might itself engage in counter-speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (2) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter-speech. (3) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.” [6]


Infiltrators should focus on the “third-party mass audience,” by using arguments and rhetoric repeatedly to reinforce it. We mean that government efforts might succeed in weakening or even breaking up the ideological groups. “Hearing only conspiratorial accounts of government behavior, their members become ever more prone to believe and generate such accounts.” To polarize a group, we suggest that the reversal of views by the introduction of other ideas. “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.” [7]


If the government can dispel such theories, it should do so. One problem is that its efforts might be counter-productive, because efforts to rebut conspiracy theories might also legitimize them. This is certailn the case with Jim Fetzer's Amazon-banned book: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. We have suggested, however, that government can minimize this effect by rebutting more rather than fewer theories. Infiltrators should supply rebuttals designed to marginalize conspiracies. [8]


A few people who have an Internet presence have made some interesting claims regarding the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School such as the following,

1.     Proof of death has been suppressed: 27 children and adults, including Adam Lanza, at the school, and his mother, Nancy Lanza, in her home

Anyone may order a death certificate:


Some researchers have stated that Adam Lanza, according to the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), died the day before, on December 13, 2012. Presumably, those researchers consider the SSDI as a valid source, which it is. Yet, when I went to the SSDI, via my subscription on Ancestry, I found that Adam Lanza died on December 14, which was also corroborated by three obituary and burial indexes. I do not know the real source of the other researcher’s information as it is not cited. It is just an image with what appears to be a recent photo on a card. Adam’s social security number (SSN) was issued in 1992 so I question the recent image in conjunction with a number that was issued in 1992.


Name: Adam P Lanza 
Born: 22 Apr 1992
Died: 14 Dec 2012
State (Year) SSN issued: New Hampshire (1992) [9]


Name: Nancy Lanza 
Born: 6 Sep 1960
Died: 14 Dec 2012
State (Year) SSN issued: New Hampshire



2.     Emergency protocols were not followed – absence of blood outside


There are photos of blood outside of the school. “There is no evidence of any frantic effort to save lives or to remove bodies to hospitals; instead the scene outside the school looked calm and largely bloodless—with police and other personnel milling around casually and a severe shortage of dead or injured victims.” [10] Kelly from Tulsa referred to an expired legislative act that dealt with medical waste to try to prove that the investigators had a legal responsibility to track the clean-up, presumably the blood evidence from the victims of Sandy Hook, all the way to the incinerator with names and dates. Yet on the linked web site, giving the particulars of the CT Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988, it indicates that this was a two-year program that took effect on June 24, 1989 and expired on June 21, 1991. Officials implemented it in four states, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island and in Puerto Rico.


3.     Drill protocols were followed instead

One such plan available on the web is “Operation Closed Campus,” initially from Infowars, was developed by Iowa officials following guidance set forth by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) of the US Department of Homeland Security, published on March 21, 2011. In the 41-page document, it mentions that there had been a couple of threats over a period of three months because of the huge influx of poor minorities into the more affordable rural communities, presumably from two teenaged anti-immigration suspects, Timothy Jasper and John Jackson, which prompted the county to develop a program to address any potential assaults. One note said, “If you won’t get rid of them, we will.” Officials created a 2-hour exercise scheduled at Treynor Middle/Senior High School, for March 26, 2011 beginning at 9 am. “All communications, spoken or written, will begin and end with the statement, this is an exercise.” [11] There was substantial paperwork and a follow-up conference for the operation in Iowa. During the exercise, participants were not to demonstrate any aggressive behavior or carry loaded guns under any circumstances. No one was killed!


A Veteran’s Today article states: “According to protocol, everyone at the drill must check in, identification badges are issued to personnel and observers, and drinking water and restrooms are available. Personnel include the director, staff, controllers, evaluators, actors, media personnel and ‘players’ (agency employees) both in uniforms and civilian clothes. This protocol appears to have been followed at Sandy Hook, where many participants wore ID/identification badges on lanyards, a huge check-in sign is visible and even Porta Potties are at the ready.” The electronic sign, Everyone Must Check in, displayed in the article was taken at the Sandy Hook Firehouse, the staging area for the incident. That sign was NOT there until 12/15. Some hoaxers claim that FEMA conducted a drill at Sandy Hook usung a FEMA manual which was actually created by hoaxer, Tony Mead using a MS Word document from the state of Massachusetts. Just because there were individuals photographed later in the day at Sandy Hook who wore badges does not mean that there was an exercise. Many employees in all communities are required to wear badges.   

The article states that there was a school shooting drill in Bridgeport, 19 to 20 miles from Newtown, on December 14, 2012, from 9 AM to 4 PM/ET. It was actually an all-day class conducted by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Emergency Management and Homeland Security, entitled “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.”  The article also says, “The Sandy Hook “shooting” appears to have been an Integrated Capstone Event (ICE), an exercise run by FEMA to coordinate federal, state and local emergency response teams in the case of a mass-casualty event. As such, it would have utilized actors and media partners to simulate a tragedy in order to train participants, and also in order to observe the reaction of the citizenry.” All Capstone Events are conducted in Anniston, Alabama under the direction of the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) and funded by the Department of Homeland Security.


4.     There was foreknowledge of the event

One researcher calls attention to the idea that web sites were created memorializing the victims before the event occurred. A mistake that many people make is due to their lack of understanding on reconfigured domains and IP addresses. I wrote an article on September 29, 2005 where I indicated that Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush created a web site to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina which hit southeast Louisiana the morning of August 29, 2005. However, I did a search on the origination date of the site through WHOSIS and the Bush/Clinton web site had a creation date of June 14, 2005. This seemed to indicate that Bush and Clinton had foreknowledge. Terry Melanson explained how this occurs. IP addresses and domains names are two completely different things. When someone creates a domain name, he/she has to set up a DNS record for that domain to reside on an already existing IP address. An IP address is only a unique identifier for a computer that is connected to the internet. In the case of the Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund web site, they assigned the domain to a computer (server) that had been registered in 1988 for its particular IP address. Therefore, when I inquired through WHOIS, someone said, “Regarding your inquiry, the information reflected on the 'data as of' field is actually the last updated information for the IP address connected to that domain name.” That was accurate. That IP address was assigned to the “newly-created” domain name was refreshed with its info on that particular date. The only real info that needs to be considered when looking at domain names is the domain's creation date, which is was September 2, 2005. Domain names are registered and attached to an IP address of an existing computer server. This may also occur when someone reconfigures a web site or a domain to devote it to another issue. I created my first web site in the mid-1990s devoted to an activity that I was involved with at that time. I reconfigured the site a few years ago to reflect my current activities. 


5.     There were contradictory reports about the weapons

Misreporting is very common especially in the confusion of a mass shooting. This occurred at Columbine and it occurs in every such event. Eyewitness reports are not as valid as other evidence in any criminal court cases. The Supreme Court has called eyewitness testimony “notoriously unreliable” while the Innocence Project says that “eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions.” Yet, many people promote the idea that a few media interviews with people who were there is more significant than evidence reported by the police.


“In January 2013, Connecticut state police released a statement indicating that they had found four guns inside the school: a Bushmaster .223 caliber XM 15-E2S semi-automatic rifle with high capacity 30 round clips, a Glock 10-mm handgun and a Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun. They said they also found an Izhmash Canta-12 12-gauge shotgun in Lanza’s car (NBC).” [12]


“This shotgun is also shown in a video aired on the night of 14 December 2013,  by NBC. An evidence collection team and a policeman find the gun in the trunk of Lanza’s Honda Civic—the policeman handles the gun without gloves and ejects the ammunition on the spot. Some have seen two long guns in the trunk in the NBC video: the 12-gauge shotgun and the Bushmaster rifle.” [13] Someone by the name of Bonnie called into The Power Hour w/ Joyce Riley, and reported that the Sandy Hook coroner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, was spotted in Las Vegas. This Bonnie claimed she has information that she obtained from a close friend who claimed that he just returned from Las Vegas. While he was there, he saw the coroner from Sandy Hook sitting across the table from him. He claims that he said to Carver, “You know, this is pretty fishy about Sandy Hook and it’s starting to look like a hoax,” and the doctor said, “it was a hoax.” [14]


6.     Adam Lanza cannot have done the shooting


Alleged shooter Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle as his primary weapon. The gun that the police removed from the Lanza’s trunk was a rifle that was not used in the shootings. “As Mike Powers, (aka Mike Hollingsworth) a professional military investigator and ballistics expert, has observed, this young man of slight build could not have carried all these heavy, bulky weapons and ammunition on his person. Furthermore, since first responders were supposedly inside the school within seven minutes, there was not enough time for Lanza to have carried out the shooting as reported. In an interview with Joyce Riley, Powers states that Lanza could not have fired so many times continuously without destabilizing himself from the intense noise from the Bushmaster. As a novice, he could not have shot an AR-15 with such speed and accuracy, supposedly changing magazines 8-10 times without a stoppage.” [15]


7.     Key participants displayed inappropriate behavior


“There are many bizarre media reports and interviews of those associated with the “shooting.” Some examples: Wayne Carver—Medical Examiner Wayne Carver’s surreal press conference is one of the most startling of all the media offerings. Widely available on YouTube, this event shows H. Wayne Carver II, a public official of some standing, clowning and acting outlandish—grinning strangely, making irrelevant comments, and basically appearing unknowledgeable and unprofessional.” [16] “Dawn Hochsprung—In an embarrassing fiction, The Newtown Bee reported on 14 December 2013 that Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook school principal, told the paper that a masked man had entered the school with a rifle and started shooting multiple shots – more than she could count – that went “on and on.” Of course, Dawn Hochsprung was allegedly killed by Adam Lanza and so could not easily have provided this statement.” [17] This corroborates the fact that there was a lot of false reporting. The newspaper immediately corrected their error.


8.     Photos at scene and of victims look staged or fake



9.     The crime scene was completely destroyed: The SHES was demolished after the investigation had taken place.



10.                         Deceased children sang at the Super Bowl [18]

Seriously, if people were going to try to pull off a conspiracy would they really allow deceased children to sing at the Super Bowl? Some people question the authenticity of a Parker family photo, alleging that someone Photo-shopped Emilie into the family portrait. That might be true and could be significant if the photo was taken after the shooting, but it was not. It is merely a family portrait in which one of the children was missing and added later which is not an uncommon practice. Family members said that the girl seen with Obama was Emilie’s younger sister, Madeline. If the government was trying to convince the public that twenty children had been shot, it would be ludicrous if any of those children were seen in public, especially at a Super Bowl or photographed with Obama. The Sandy Hook hoaxers refuse to accept any information from the media. The truth about Sandy Hook will come out in the wash, as the saying goes.  It would be unwise to accept absolutely everything that the media reports but it is just as foolish to claim there's a massive conspiracy just because of a picture of a little girl posing with Obama, or because the parents of the dead children did not seem as despondent as some people say they should of in front of the cameras. [19]


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