Notes for Program, February 11, 2014


I have always believed that truth should not fear investigation. If I have questions about Sandy Hook and the conclusions of such people as Sofia Smallstorm, Dr. James Tracy, Dr. James Fetzer and others, then there must be other people who also have questions regarding their conclusions. I have invited both Sofia Smallstorm and Dr. James Fetzer on my program. As of today, both have declined though Dr. Fetzer, from his last email is reconsidering.


A very wise friend of mine recently said, “Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.”


Truth is not a popularity contest or something to vote on. So what if others have previously produced their views on this event. Does that mean 'case closed' - no other views are allowed? I do not have a monopoly on the truth and I don't think that anyone else does either. I was not present at Sandy Hook. Anyone who was not there has no idea what happened. We are all susceptible and vulnerable to what we read and see in the media, including the Internet. People should be open-minded enough to review all the possibilities, do their own research and then draw some conclusions.


If I am sincerely looking for the truth, then I will find it by looking at the event from both sides of the aisle, so to speak. If Sofia Smallstorm, Dr. James Tracy, Dr. James Fetzer and those who support their findings have done the research that I am engaged in, then I will discover the same things that they did. However, I fully anticipate getting a lot of hate mail as a result of this program. I again repeat, truth should not fear investigation. If what these fine people have concluded is correct, there should be no reason for me to receive hate mail. I do anticipate that there are those who will accuse me of ad hominem attacks against Sofia Smallstorm, Dr. James Tracy, Dr. James Fetzer, and Niall Bradley. I have absolutely nothing against any of them personally; I just question their research.


Reviewing and evaluating their findings is a legitimate activity and should not reflect on their character unless they have presented deliberately deceptive views. If they have presented their work for public consumption, then people have a right to evaluate it. While we have a herd mentality, astute people in the so-called truth movement should always exhibit skepticism. That is my nature and I am sure that others also share that characteristic.


I tend to believe that people reveal themselves in their work and that I or anyone else cannot really portray them positively or negatively because their work does that for them. People are known for and by their work, whether it is in the books that they write or the videos that they produce. If I produce faulty conclusions in my books, then I can expect some well-deserved criticism. That is applicable to anyone who disseminates his or her research and/or opinions. If each of us is known by our work, what we have produced, then we had better be prepared to defend it. I believe that our character, our integrity is defined by our work, what we produce, whether in the written word or in video. We reveal ourselves in our creations, our work. In listening to my program today, please keep the following phrase in mind: truth should not fear investigation.