April 2011

Friday, 4/1: Pastor Eli James, Anglo-Saxon Israel, the Real "Chosen" people

Monday, 4/4: Pam Killeen, co-author of The Great Bird Flu Hoax and author of Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic

Tuesday, 4/5: Dr. David Duke, author of Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening; Dr. Duke's You Tube Vido Page  

Wednesday, 4/6: Steven Jacobson talking about mind control in America; MP3

Thursday, 4/7: Bernard von NotHaus, 12-1; Dr. Nick Begich, Earthpulse Press

Friday, 4/8: Carolyn Yeager, author of Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour; Hostess of The Heretics' Hour on Voice of Reason; Katyn Forest; Denis Avey Exposed


Monday, 4/11: Eric Hunt, The Last Days of the Big Lie; Germany raises funds for Holocaust survivors, 15%; The Fifth Diamond; Zionist Organization of America

Tuesday, 4/12: Byron Wine, Free Energy; William Lyne 2004 part 1/9; Blacklight Power

Wednesday, 4/13: Dr. Paul Byrne, DMV, “Do you wish to be an organ donor?”; Final Exit audio

Thursday, 4/14: Dr. Judy Wood, Jerry Leaphart Where Did the Towers Go?; Legal Documents; 12-2 PM; Mark Jungworth's video; Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez Questions Gage

Friday, 4/15: 12-1: Ray Ciancaglini, The Second Impact; Soldiers' Traumatic Brain Injuries; 1-2 Simulcast with Karen Tostado, with Donald Fleming talking about income tax


Monday, 4/18: Veronica Clark, Author of Warwolves of the Iron Cross: A New Look at Hitler's Armed Forces, buy book; articles: Inconvenient History; True Image Group

Tuesday, 4/19: Richard Duane Willing, author of Money The 12th & Final Religion and The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, the Final World Order

Wednesday, 4/20: Gerhard Strauch, Adolf Hitler; Carolyn Yeager, author of Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour; Hostess of The Heretics' Hour on Voice of Reason; Denis Avey Exposed; Frederick Töben's site; Good videos on Hitler 

Thursday, 4/21: Clint Richardson, 12-2 PM, Producer of The Corporate Nation

Friday, 4/22: John Anthony Hill, producer of 7/7 Ripple Effect, Ludicrous Diversion, Mind the Gap, Regina the Queen, The Jury acquitted him!!!


Monday, 4/25: Barbara Honegger, Pentagon Attack Papers; October Surprise; email Barbara,

Tuesday, 4/26: Glendene Grant, 1-2 PM, mother of Jessica Edith Louise Foster; Human Trafficking

Wednesday, 4/27: Lynn Landes, The Landes Report, Is Voting efficacious in America or is it just a big fraud? Video: Hacking Democracy with Bev Harris

Thursday, 4/28: Robert K. Wilcox, author of Target: Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton; MP3

Friday, 4/29: Dr. Ed Kendrick of ReDiscover 9/11; Mail Dr. Ed Kendrick