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Saturday, 4/4: 3-4: Kelly Patricia O'Meara, author of Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill talks about the GermanWings pilot, 2007 FAA Report; 4-6: Theresa Wrangham, Executive Director, National Vaccine Information Center
Thursday, 4/9: Deanna subs for Clint Richardson (6-8 pm) Dennis Wise, the producer of Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told!; MP3 (scroll to bottom)
Friday, 4/10: Deanna subs for Clint Richardson (6-8 pm) Dennis Wise, the producer of Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told!; MP3 (scroll to bottom)
Saturday, 4/11: 3-4: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones; Conference; 4-6: Carole Herman, founder and president of FATE, Foundation Aiding the Elderly in long-term facilities
Saturday, 4/18: Victor Fletcher of the Toronto Street News
Saturday, 4/25: Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, author of
Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust: Myth & Reality (Holocaust Handbooks) (Volume 31)

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Thursday, 4/2: Thomas Goodrich, author of Rape Hate, Sex and Violence in War and Peace
Monday, 4/6: Marti Oakley talks about the CDC's adult vaccine program and other issues
Thursday, 4/9: Deanna talks about some historical events and how those events relate to Sandy Hook. The title of today's program is Okay, letís talk about Sandy Hook. Please view Deanna's Sandy Hook Research and Notes particularly the page titled Wolfgang Halbig Asks Deanna to Stop Asking Questions and Critiquing Smallstorm's Video Delphi/Censorship Operation. After all, truth does not fear investigation! I recommend that people listen to my program of February 20, 2014 about Sandy Hook. See the fifty comments or here
Monday, 4/13: Gareth Thomas talks about his experience on psychiatric drugs; why people should avoid psych drugs at all costs, Ed Chiarini claims that Victoria Jackson and Deanna are the same person. For the best refutation of this, see this composite
Thursday, 4/16: Bring in the Clowns, Deanna talks about Sandy Hook, talks about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, offers a few health tips, and shares some background
Monday, 4/20: C. W. Wade of Sandy Hook Facts and independent journalist, Keith Johnson joined Deanna on December 14, 2014, two years after the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Today's program is a replay of that very informative RBN program. Read Deannaís critique of Sofia Smallstormís video and notes on Wolfgang Halbig. People can easily ascertain that the Sandy Hook Hoax ~ Walking In Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse is a looped video. View the repetitive motion of the silver vehicle in the upper left-hand corner of the video from 1:13-1:32, 2:40-2:50, 4:13-4:23, 4:52-5:02, 5:07-5:18, and 5:27-6:14 minutes. This program was originally aired at RBN and then edited to exclude the commercial breaks resulting in a program that lasted 2 hours and 5 minutes. To listen to the last five minutes which has some very good information about censorship click this link (MP3). Sandy Hook Analysis, Newtown Post-Examiner, Sandy Hook Lighthouse  A couple of people have asked Deanna if she would have allowed her daughter to lay in a pool of blood for sixteen hours. She answered that question in a forum where it was originally asked as well as publicly in this audio. But then, probably for effect, hoaxers regularly repeat their questions as if someone has not already answered them.
Thursday, 4/23: Deanna discusses holocaustianity, post-war propaganda, mind manipulation, and Hoaxology. Be sure to visit the Spingola Speaks archive for audio files and other interesting links as well as Screening Sandy Hook for news about her recent book.
Monday, 4/27: Rodney Martin talks about the alleged association between Germany and Standard Oil and/or Exxon and Henry Ford
Thursday, 4/30: Keith Johnson talks about Sandy Hook and the hoaxers including Wolfgang Halbig, possibly the High Priest of the Hoaxer operation, and his recent meetings in Connecticut, especially his FOIA "Security System" Blunder!
April: Sage of Quay Radio Program - guest: Deanna Spingola - The Holocaust and The Forbidden Perspective; Links for that program

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