Deanna's Guests for April 2020
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Saturday, April 4: 3-4:30: Kim Casey Cobb, the author of Stuck -A Way Out; Audio File; 4:30-6: Rev. Frederick D. Shaw Jr. talks about Children and Psychiatric drugs, Audio File; Truth and Fiction, the Corona Virus; The Biggest Virus Of All Time Is Fear;  

Saturday, April 11: 3-4: Cindy Sheehan; author of Peace Mom; Audio File; 4-5:30: Mark R. Elsis; This Event Was A Coordinated Last Ditch Effort By the [DS], CORONAVIRUS,, Channel; Audio File; 5:30-6: Scott Wheeler, Is Covid-19 Merely a National Health Emergency? Or an even LARGER Political-Economic Threat? Audio File

Saturday, April 18: 3-4: Dr. Charles Page, talks about how COVID-19 Impacts Healthcare Workers on front line, Audio File; 4-5: John O'Connor talks about how Google is now our COVID-19 big brother, Audio File; 5-6: Mischa Popoff talks about the possible link between the Covid-19 illness and the overuse/misuse of Roundup, Audio File

Saturday, April 25: 3-4: Michael Walsh; Mike's books, Michael, The Ethnic-European and Poet, Audio File; 4-6: Mark R. Elsis; COVID-19 - Is It Really A Virus? by Sayer Ji , Sayer Ji, Channel; Questioning COVID; Koch's Postulates: Have They Been Proven For Viruses? Dr. Andrew Kaufman; See: COVID-19 Red Pilled; Audio File

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