Deanna's Guests for April 2021
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April 3: Art in Philly returns to discuss additional current circumstances, No Place for Corruption

April 10: 3-4: Patrick M. Wood talks about free speech; Gregory Wrightstone talks about the alarmist myths concerning our changing climate; 5-6: Eileen Dannemann talks about what happens in the energy bodies and especially in your soul after the COVID "vaccination"

April 16: Eric Gajewski interview of Deanna Spingola, Audio File

April 17: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones of the Life Guardian Foundation talk about the reality of Organ Donations

April 24: 3-4: John O Connor talks about packing the Supreme Court; 4-5: Drew Allen talks about re-opening businesses in Oregon; 5: 00: Dylan Howard, author of Royals at War talks about the "Royals;" Deanna played an audio file from a film featuring Drs. Palevsky, Tenpenny, Madej, Merritt, & Northrup, Video One does not have to worry about the vaccinated "shedding" but rather they are "transmitting."

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Truth can withstand the most intense scrutiny and does not fear investigation but rather invites exploration.
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