Deanna's Guests for August 2015
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Saturday, 8/1: David Livingstone, author of Transhumanism, the History of a Bad Idea; The Dying God, a History of Western Civilization and Terrorism and the Illuminati, a Three Thousand Year History
Saturday, 8/8: Andrew Johnson, author of 9-11, Finding the Truth and Dr. Judy Wood, author of Where Did the Towers Go? the Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11 sub for Deanna
Saturday, 8/15: 3-5: Dr. Jennifer Daniels, Alzheimer's, Causes and remedies; 5-6: Ashley McGuire discusses the latest revelations regarding planned parenthood
Saturday, 8/22: 3-5: Dr. Gary G. Kohls, Archives of his programs, YouTube videos; 5-6: Julie Ketterman discusses the Texas CPS Baby Mill Agenda
Saturday, 8/29: 3-5: Dr. Betty Martini reveal more info about aspartame; World Natural Health Organization; Aspartame Information; FDA’s Cult of Tyranny; 5-6: Deanna talks about the FDA, Agent Orange; Code; Restrictions on use of human subjects

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Monday, 8/3: Karin Smith talks about South Africa including the following: the myths surrounding the "theft" of land from the blacks, the Anglo Boer War and concentration camps, the REAL Nelson Mandela, the handing over of SA to the ANC in 1992, the consequences of handing over the country, and the fate of whites including the Genocide Watch report. Web sites:;;
Thursday, 8/6: Long Live the Confederacy and Individual Rights - selections from The Ruling Elite, A Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation
Monday, 8/10: Deanna talks about Adam Lanza and his history. Please visit her very comprehensive Sandy Hook Research page which covers numerous issues. Note the following links on that site: The Dynamics of the Delphi Technique; Orchestrated Opposition Increases Credibility; It is not about Gun Control;
Crime Scenes in the United States - NO DEAD BODIES; Mr. Halbig, Your Answers, Please, Halbig's 16 Questions, the answers to Halbig's 16 questions; Video of program here; Death Certificates are NOT Public Records; Deanna also uses information from her book, Screening Sandy Hook, Causes and Consequences
Thursday, 8/13: Continuing from 8/10, Deanna gives more information about Adam Lanza's history. Please visit her very comprehensive Sandy Hook Research page, covering numerous issues.
Monday, 8/17: Deanna talks about Adam Lanza's elusive medical records and other topics, Sandy Hook Research page
Thursday, 8/20: Deanna: Obama’s Executive Orders, Transformation of Mental Health in Connecticut, Screening, Connecticut’s Psycho-Pharma Cover-Up, and The Stacked Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, Sandy Hook Research page
Monday, 8/24: Michael Walsh, the author of Uncensored Adolf Hitler, Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph; Walsh's Face Book Page
Thursday, 8/27: Deanna talks about George W. Bush, TMAP, psych drugs, corporatocracy, Medicare and Medicaid, economic assault on the country, etc
Monday, 8/31: Deanna shares the first half of The Myth of the Innocent Civilian by Harold Thomas (2002)


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