Deanna's Guests for August 2017
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Saturday, 8/5: Rebroadcast: Christopher Fogarty, the author of Ireland 1845-1850, the Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept it Perfect; to order the book, call 312-664-7651

Saturday, 8/12: 3-5: Michael Walsh talks about Ernst Zundel (RIP) Mike's books; Ernst Zündel Week, May 9-13, 2011 "Off Your Knees, Germany!" based on the film Off Your Knees Germany, Ernst Zundel 1983-2003; See radio schedule page; Israeli Journalist interviews Zündel

5-6: Jeff Clayton, Executive Director of American Bail Coalition talks about the law suit filed against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the state’s Attorney General Christopher Porrino

Saturday, 8/19: Diane King and Joe and Jim Rizoli talk about Ernst Zundel (RIP) and Charlotteville

Saturday, 8/26: 3-4: Dr. Teresa Avila; 4-6: Marc Vincenti of Save the 2008

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