Deanna's Guests for December 2011

Thursday, 12/1: 12-1: Bill Still, The Money Masters; 1-2: Deanna talks about the mythology surrounding Andrew Jackson; Obama: Veto the bill
Friday, 12/2:  Veronica Clark, Warwolves of the Iron Cross: A New Look at Hitler's Armed Forces; True Image Group; Warwolves of the Iron Cross, Swastika & Scimitar, “Brothers in Arms;”; The "Nazis" did not and do not run the world - HD; Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP

Monday, 12/5: Shellie Carter, Corporate consequences in third-world countries
Tuesday, 12/6: Glendene Grant, mother of Jessica Edith Louise Foster; Human Trafficking
Wednesday, 12/7: Dr. Peter Glidden; Feel Better and Live LongerRockefeller Medicine Men
Thursday, 12/8: Geraldine Perry, co-author of The Two Faces of Money;  Geri's page on Health Issues; 93-7 Senate Vote Approves Unlawful UNLIMITED DETENTION Of US Citizens!
Friday, 12/9: Jeffrey Joseph Black, 1st independent Candidate to the U.S. Senate (Illinois 2014); Contact your Senator

Monday, 12/12: Clint Richardson, Producer of The Corporate Nation, Reality Blog
Tuesday, 12/13: Jarrah White, the Moon Landing Hoax; So what else have "THEY" lied to us about?
Wednesday, 12/14: Dr. Fredrick Töben; Brendon O'Connell, his address is on page 7 of the PDF document
Thursday, 12/15: Vicky Davis, Smart Meters, Remote Sensing for Transportation; Idaho Power Brings Guns to the Fight; AASHTO Web Site
Friday, 12/16: Vicky Davis; The Emerging North American Union Timeline; Innovation and the Global Marketplace; Public Servant Questionnaire; Tsunami Relief Funds;

Monday, 12/19: James Paul Madison, Public Servant Questionnaire (best one); Global Sovereign's Handbook; Senators who passed the National Defense Authorization Act; Senator's records and contact information; the treasonous culprits; Arnie Gunderson
Tuesday, 12/20: Michael Walsh, author of Witness to History and The Triumph of Reason; Audio Files: The Third Craft
Wednesday, 12/21:
Donna Schwenk, Culture of Life
Thursday, 12/22: Edward Hendrie, 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic
Friday, 12/23: Mark J. Novitsky, National Security/Corporate Whistleblower

Monday, 12/26: Deanna talks about the exploitation and socialization of Christianity
Tuesday, 12/27: Deanna talks about British Zionism, education and falsified history; Earth Charter Text
Wednesday, 12/28: Steve Stesney, First Street 30, Top Federal Lobbyists Named to 2011 List
Thursday, 12/29: 12-1: Diana Hunter talks about the Stacey Lynne Case and Agenda 21; Contact Information in behalf of Stacy Lynne; 1-2: Dr. James Petras, author of The Power of Israel in the United States and many other books
Friday, 12/30: Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of Illuminati; Be Wise As Serpents; and The Watchtower & the Masons and other books