Deanna's Guests for December 2015
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Thursday, 12/3: Guest Host: Lark from Texas
Friday, 12/4: Rebroadcast
Saturday, 12/5: Désirée Röver, a medical research journalist, author, radio host
Thursday, 12/10: Brandon Martinez, of NonAligned Media, is the author of Hidden History: Essays and articles about war, terrorism and deception in media and politics and Grand Deceptions: Zionist Intrigue in the 20th and 21st Centuries; The Paris Attacks
Friday, 12/11: Mark R. Elsis talks about Pearl Harbor and the assassination of John Lennon
Saturday, 12/12: Christina England, Press Release for Christina's new book
Thursday, 12/17: Keith Johnson, a writer for Op-Ed News, talks about Jim Fetzer's book
Friday, 12/18: Deanna talks about Jim Fetzer's book; Links for tonight's program: Halbig Notes, Questions for Halbig, School Shootings, Psych Drugs, FAERS, School drills in Illinois, Waste, Capstone, Timeline (Adam Lanza); Active Shooter How to Respond; 11399 (where first responders parked), see links for 12/26
Saturday, 12/19: Dennis Wise, the producer of the very popular Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told! and Communism by the Back Door
Tuesday, 12/22: Deanna is a guest on John Stadtmiller's program, 4-6pm,
Thursday, 12/24: Christmas Eve
Friday, 12/25: Christmas
Saturday, 12/26: Deanna continues her discussion of Jim Fetzer's book, School drills in Illinois, Waste, Capstone, Template for Fetzer's FEMA Manual (Click Exercise Plan (ExPlan) or here (document), Deanna's SH Research, FAERS, explosive new must-read book, Wolfgang Halbig, the Hoax of a Lifetime, download here (author unknown); Some notes from today's program
Thursday, 12/31: New Year's Eve