Deanna's Guests for December 2018
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Saturday, 12/1: Benton L. Bradberry, author of The Myth of German Villainy (Censored by Amazon; also by Barnes & Noble, Books-A- Million and Indie Bound); Buy the eBook; Important: See the Amazon Customer reviews (275); Purchase at ABE Books; Better World Books

Saturday, 12/8: 3-4: Daniel Estulin, author of In the Shadows of a Presidency; relevant: very interesting read: Trump and the Jews by David Rubin; 4-6: James LaFond, author of dozens of books and the host of The Crackpot Podcast; Blog; FaceBook; Wordpress; Patreon; YouTube; YouTube

Saturday, 12/ 15: Re-broadcast: Benton L. Bradberry

Saturday, 12/22: James C. Jenkins and William Matson Law, authors of At the Cold Shoulder of History 

Saturday, 12/29: Christopher Fulton, author of The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFKs Assassination

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