Deanna's Guests for February 2015

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Timeline of book 2 and 3 (a work in progress, updated 6/3/2014)
Truth does not fear investigation!

Saturday, 2/7: 3-4: Roman Bystrianyk, the co-author of Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History; Measles Vaccine; Live Viruses; The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, Merck, CDC Documents Confirm; 4-6: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones talk about organ donations and how living donors actually perish during the harvesting process, Life Guardian Foundation
Thursday: 2/12: Deanna subbed for John Stadtmiller, Hour 1: MP3, Hour 2: MP3
Saturday, 2/14: Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Research Scientist at MIT; Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection; Autism Explained: Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate; Let's Talk About Glyphosates
Saturday, 2/21: 3-4: Deanna talks about media, culture and other issues; Movie: Bought, Forced Adult Vaccinations at Federal Levels Comment Period Now, Petition against mandatory adult vaccines; Are Deanna and Victoria Jackson the same person as claimed by Ed Chiarini?; 4-6: Wayne from Canada talks about the 1945 and 2012 articles about Dresden and about the founding of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society
Saturday, 2/28: 3-4: Deanna talks about WW II; 4-6: Brian Ruhe, the Secretary of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society; Germany is an Occupied Country

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Monday, 2/2: Deanna talks about the deceptions, the cover-ups and the operatives surrounding Sandy Hook, Breggin's Request; Denver Post; Vaccines;
Monday, 2/9: Mike King talks about his new book, The Bad War
Monday, 2/16: Michael Walsh talks about Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph; Kindle Edition; Walsh's Face Book Page
Monday, 2/23: Josh Blakeney of Non-Aligned Media talks about the book he edited, Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbor

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