Deanna's Guests for February 2018
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Saturday, 2/3: Rebroadcast
Tuesday, 2/6: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock published the interview (1/17) he did with Deanna on Sandy Hook

Saturday, 2/10: 3-4:30: Chris from Las Vegas; Matthew Bender on Eminent Domain; 4:30-6:00: Tony Pantalleresco,;

Thursday: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock published his interview of Deanna in which they talked about the final words of the late Michael Collins Piper
Saturday, 2/17: Michael Walsh; Mike's books

Saturday, 2/24: 3-3:30: Michael Stumo, Another Way NAFTA Encourages U.S. Firms to Ship Jobs Overseas; 3:30-4:00: Josh Hendrix of CV Sciences; 4-6: Diane King and Jim Rizoli talk about the latest events surrounding Dresden; The Day that Amazon Murdered History


March Programs

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