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Deanna's Guests for January 2013

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Tuesday, 1/1: Holiday - rebroadcast

Wednesday, 1/2: Clint Richardson, Producer of The Corporate Nation, Reality Blog

Thursday, 1/3: Lloyd Burrell, author of Beating Electrical Sensitivity, the Path to Tread

Friday, 1/4: Peter Eichstaedt, author of Above the Din of War: Afghans Speak About Their Lives, Their Country, and Their Future-and Why America Should Listen


Monday, 1/7: Dr. Paul Byrne, Bernice Jones, of The Life Guardian, Why you do not want to be an organ donor; Pressure on Doctors; Organ Division; Rocky's Law; Rocky's YouTube Channel

Tuesday, 1/8: Charles Carlson, We Hold These Truths

Wednesday, 1/9: Michael from The Economic Collapse Blog

Thursday, 1/10: Dr. David Healy, author of Pharmageddon (2012) and 19 other books; RxISK is the drug safety website to research and report side effects

Friday, 1/11: Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, ND, author of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life (2012)


Monday, 1/14: Wayne from Canada, Hitler's Declaration of War Against the Soviet Union; Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mention (video); Ernst Zundel: A Spartan of the Spirit (video)

Tuesday, 1/15: Freeman Burt of Only Free Men; Bloomberg calls for gun control; Rahm Emanuel Gun Control in Chicago; Booklet, Arms NOT Firearms

Wednesday, 1/16: Dr. Mark Millar talks about the benefits of lithium

Thursday, 1/17: Victoria Thorn, of Project Rachel, and the National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation; the trauma of abortion; The Biology of the Theology of the Body; Interview; Biochemistry of Sex

Friday, 1/18: Michael Walsh talks about gun control in Germany 1928-1945; Gun Control in Australia; Wounded Knee; Death Stats; State by State Gun Legislation; Murder Statistics for the World

Monday, 1/21: Karl Radl talks about the Nobel Prizes; Most corrupt politicians of 2012; Einstein, a fraud; More on Einstein

Tuesday, 1/22: Karen Hudes World Bank Whistle-blower; Germany and her gold; Financial tsunami 9/11/08; Narration

Wednesday, 1/23: Cynthia Sandor, author of Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth

Thursday, 1/24: Paul Fromm, founder of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE)

Friday, 1/25: John Benson and Glenn Ambort; Discount on books; The Death Throes of the United State; List of banned guns in Feinstein's "assault weapons" bill; The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic

Monday, 1/28: Don Preston, president of Preterist Research Institute of Ardmore, Oklahoma and author of Israel 1948: Countdown to No Where

Tuesday, 1/29: Cynthia Sandor, author of Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth; Adolf Hitler and National Socialism for Dummies

Wednesday, 1/30: 30.06 talks about the ideological nature of the NSDAP's 25-Point program on this 80-year-anniversary; Adolf Hitler and National Socialism for Dummies

Thursday, 1/31: William Blair and Arthur George talk about Indigenous Identity Theft & fraud