Deanna's Guests for January 2016
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Friday, 1/1: New Year's Day
Saturday, 1/2: 3-6PM: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones talk about brain death and the egregious but profitable practice of organ harvesting
Thursday, 1/7: Tony Pantalleresco talks about how to eliminate nano particles
Friday, 1/8: Steve in California talks about the mandatory vaccine laws, such as California's SB-277 bill; No on SB-277; and HR-2232 or here and related issues
Sage of Quay Radio - guest: Deanna Spingola - Zionism and the Destruction of America (Jan 2016)
Saturday, 1/9: Dr. Betty Martini, an expert on aspartame toxicity;
Mission Possible World Health International; Aspartame Information; Aspartame Toxicity Center; Aspartame Resource Guide; World Natural Health Organization; Dr. Monte; Interference with Drugs; Drug Interaction 
Thursday, 1/14: Deanna talks about genocide, the Noahide Laws and related issues; Noahide Presidents; A Free Press, A Free Pass
Friday, 1/15: Heather Bowser, Tanya Mack and Val Ouillette of Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance
Saturday, 1/16: James Lancia, author of "Downtown White Police:" Demonizing the Alpha Cop, Glorifying Thugs, and Militarizing Law Enforcement; YouTube channel; FaceBook
Thursday, 1/21: Clint Richardson, producer of The Corporation Nation
Friday, 1/22: Roger Sayles, the author of From Sovereign to Serf: Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words; A US Passport for Ed
Saturday, 1/23: Michael Walsh, author of Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph and other books
Thursday, 1/28: Lark from Texas
Friday, 1/29: Larry Engel talks about the Super Bowl and ritual sacrifice
Saturday, 1/30: Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, author of Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality

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