Deanna's Guests for January 2020
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Saturday, January 4: 3-4: Dr. Antoine Kanamugire, author of The 21 Unspoken Truths About Marijuana; Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence (rebroadcast from March 30, 2019); 4-6: Deanna talks about the book, Digital Detox: the Ultimate Guide to Beating Technology Addiction, Cultivating Mindfulness, and Enjoying More Creativily, Inspiration, and Balance in your Life and other things. It's easy to stand with the crowd; it takes courage to stand alone! Mahatma Gandhi, Audio

Saturday, January 11: 3-5pm: Mark R. Elsis, Solari Report, Countering The Trump Lies, Why Lowering Deuterium In Water Can Improve Health, A Window For Peace, Boeing 737, and much more; Audio; 5-6: Fred Gransville talks about the article: Is the killing of Soleimani related to the China, Russia and Iran four-day joint military exercise? Audio

Saturday, January 18: 3-4: Ken W. Good, a noted Texas bail attorney and a board member of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas; Audio; 4-6: Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones of The Life Guardian Foundation talk about the real facts behind organ donations,  

 Saturday, January 25: 3-4:30: Tony Pantalleresco talks about the weather, etc.;;;; Audio File 4:30-6: Stephen Willeford helped end the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history in 2017 Audio File

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