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Deanna's Guests for July 2014
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Timeline of book 2 and 3 (a work in progress, updated 6/3/2014)

Truth does not fear investigation!

Sunday, 7/6: 2-4: J. Malcolm Garcia, author of What Wars leave Behind; 4-5: Sheila Matthews Gallo, co-founder of AbleChild

Sunday, 7/13: 2-3: Jenifer Dixon, author of The Holy Land Unveiled; 3-5: Dr. Betty Martini reveal more info about aspartame; World Natural Health Organization; Aspartame Information; FDAs Cult of Tyranny

Sunday, 7/20: Veronica Clark talks about her latest book, Truth for Germany, and other issues, Vril Books; Veronica's YouTube Channel; Read book here

Sunday, 7/27: 2-3: Art from Philly; 3-4: Suzanne Humphries, MD., Roman Bystrianyk, authors of Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History; 4-5: Keith Johnson talks about his recent "debate" with Wolfgang Halbig


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Monday, 7/28: Rodney Martin of World View Foundations talks about the Facts and Fictions surrounding the NSDAP


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AFP Radio is discontinuing all of its broadcasts. 7/7 was my last program. I am now broadcasting at BlogTalk Radio

Monday, 7/7: Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, the author of The Synagogue of Satan and In The Name Of Yahweh