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Deanna's Guests for June 2011


Wednesday, 6/1: Charles Carlson, We Hold These Truths; Paul of Tarsus' Romans Thirteen, the Neo-Christians Sorry Excuse for War, the ADL and YouTube Team Up; MP3

Thursday, 6/2: Dr. Judy Wood, Where Did the Towers Go?; Legal Documents; Mark Jungworth's video; Tom Bearden Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America 1985

Friday, 6/3: B. Billy Marse, 12-2 PM, the American Holocaust  7.5 million people died, the government and the media concealed it; Billy's YouTube Channel


Monday, 6/6: 12-1: Deanna talks about Israel's False Flag attacks; 1-2: Dr. E. Michael Jones, The Culture Wars; MP3

Tuesday, 6/7: Dr. Lorraine Day, Natural, Alternative Therapies for Diseases; The Good News About God; Now the Government Can Legally Kill Christians, Dannemeyer; MP3

Wednesday, 6/8: Phillip Tourney, co-author of What I Saw that Day, Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967; “We are not going to War over a Bunch of Dead Sailors

The USS Liberty, a Flubbed-up False Flag; USS Liberty Site

Thursday, 6/9: David McGowan, author of Derailing Democracy, Programmed to Kill

Friday, 6/10: Professor Kevin MacDonald, Editor of The Occidental Observer


Monday, 6/13: Jim Stone, Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?; Jim Stones Links; Fukushima, Nuclear Blast?, Fukushima Unit 3, Two Theories

Tuesday, 6/14: 12-1: John Anthony Hill, Elizabeth 2 Go Ripple Effect; Challenge Document; 1-2 PM, Dr. Brooks Agnew

Wednesday, 6/15: Richard Duane Willing, author of Money The 12th & Final Religion and The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, the Final World Order

Thursday, 6/16: Deanna talks about Dunkirk, MP3, Nebraska Nuclear 1-2: Dr. David Duke, author of Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening; Dr. Duke's You Tube Vido Page; MP3

Friday, 6/17: Deanna discusses warfare, genocide, financial and political control, and who is generating it; MP3


Monday, 6/20: Veronica Clark, Author of Warwolves of the Iron Cross: a New Look at Hitler's Armed Forces, articles: Inconvenient History; True Image Group; Warwolves of the Iron Cross, Swastika & Scimitar, “Brothers in Arms;”; Occult Forces (1943) ~ National Socialist Anti-Freemasonry Film; new book: Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Hyenas of High Finance; MP3

Tuesday, 6/21: Geraldine Perry, author of The Two Faces of Money, The Health Advantage; 1-2: Reverend Ted Pike

Wednesday, 6/22: David Livingstone, author of Terrorism and the Illuminati, a Three Thousand Year History, Israel and the creation of Hamas

Thursday, 6/23: Adrian Salbuchi, author of The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope?; MP3

Friday, 6/24: Stephen Goodson discusses the continuous occupation of Germany; MP3


Monday, 6/27: Ray Ciancaglini, The Second Impact; Soldiers' Traumatic Brain Injuries; 1-2: Brother Nathanael

Tuesday, 6/28: Andrew Johnson, 911 and Thermite, The official Conspiracy Theory?; 9/11, Finding the Truth

Wednesday, 6/29: Dr. Judy Wood, Where Did the Towers Go?; The New Hiroshima, pt. 1 (2007) Thermite? and Eric Larsen, author of The Skull of Yorick and A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit; Serpent Songs in America   

Thursday, 6/30: Randy Engel, author or The Rite of Sodomy; This program is recommended for adults only. Rabbis and Sexual Abuse