Deanna's Guests for June 2020
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Saturday, June 6: Dave Gahary subs for Deanna. He talks about the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967; their film Erasing the Liberty and here, Audio File

Saturday, June 13: 3-4:30: Rev. Frederick D. Shaw Jr. talks about Children and Psychiatric drugs, Audio File; 4:30-6: Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, best-selling author of over 25 books talks about his new e-book: The Plan to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency, Audio File

Saturday, June 20: 3-4: Robert A. Bilott, author of Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and one Lawyer's Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont; He is the subject of a movie titled Dark Waters starring Mark Ruffalo. Audio File; 4-6: Jerry Day talks about how to say no to vaccines, Do Not Surrender Your Power, Audio File

Saturday, June 27: Ken W. Good, a noted Texas bail attorney and a board member of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, Audio File; 4-5: Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot or here and Donít Make the Black Kids Angry; Audio File; 5-6: Keisha Lonon, author of Being A Victim Just by Being Me, Audio File

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