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Deanna's Guests for March 2014
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Swan Song Week: Beginning 3/10: Ben Swann will be replacing me on RBN, from 11 am to 1 pm
Monday, 3/3: Michael Walsh talks about his poems and other issues and about the new site that someone created for him, MP3

Tuesday, 3/4: Wolfgang Halbig talks about Sandy Hook; Official Reports; Timeline; Notes; Active Shooter How to Respond; 11399; MP3

Wednesday, 3/5: Eric Hunt, the creator of the very popular The Last Days of the Big Lie (2011) and The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax (2014) MP3

Thursday, 3/6: Buthaina Neveln talks about Christianity and Islam in the Arab Homeland and their connection to the Ba’athist party, MP3

Friday, 3/7: Karl Radl talks about some new issues regarding the kosher food tax; MP3


Sunday, 3/9: Hour 1: Deanna talks about Internet propaganda and Operation Censorship; Hours 2 & 3: Larry Engel talks about Censorship on the Internet; MP3

This weeks challenge: Are you gullible to Internet propaganda? One person claims that he could not find birth certificates or Social Security numbers for the children who died at the SHES. Therefore, he claims that those children never existed. Rather than just accept such allegations, please visit the SSDMF, the Social Security Death Master File. On the left, please click on User-based Subscriptions to see how much it costs for one person to access the database. Did the creator of the video pay that fee? Next, please visit Connecticut's Department of Public Health. Public online genealogy databases cannot and do not contain recent birth records!!! Cass Sunstein Document

Sunday, 3/16: Art from Philly; Be sure to look at the Docs Section for PDF Files; Quilt; MP3

Sunday, 3/23: Dennis Fetcho of the Illuminati Observer, his YouTube channel; MP3

Sunday, 3/30: Deanna, Wade and Keith Johnson answer Halbig's 16 questions about Sandy Hook, Halbig's questions; MP3