Deanna's Guests for May 2016
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Saturday, 5/7: 3-5: Thomas L. Rodgers, Gassing America; License to Kill, Toxic Trailers; 5: Dr. Linda Lagemann and Ken talk about the march the CCHR is organizing to oppose electroshock on children

Saturday, 5/14: 3-4: Dr. Walter Brasch, author of Fracking in Pennsylvania, Flirting with Disaster and Fracking America; Dangers of Fracking; 4-6: Clint Richardson, producer of The Corporation Nation

Saturday, 5/21: Dr. Linda Lagemann, a Commissioner for Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and former licensed clinical psychologist

Saturday, 5/28: Susan N. Thompson of Dreamchaser PMU Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc.; Premarin TV