Deanna's Guests for May 2017
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Saturday, 5/6: Dave Martin, (DC Dave) talks about current events, previous political assassinations

Saturday, 5/13: 3-5: Marc Vincenti of Save the 2008; 5-6: Jim Kouri, Editor and Publicist of the Conservative Base                                                                                          
Saturday, 5/20: Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney talk about the new book, Erasing the Liberty, soon to be a full-length film; 50th anniversary of the israeli state's attack on the USS Liberty - June 8, 1967

Saturday, 5/27: Mark R. Elsis, The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963, JFK; JFK Timeline; the truth about Memorial Day


June Programs

Truth can withstand the most intense scrutiny and does not fear investigation but rather invites exploration.