Deanna's Guests for November 2016
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Saturday, 11/5: 3-4pm: Gary J. Byrne author of Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate; please also review The Clinton Chronicles; 4-6: Cynthia A. Sandor, author of Through Innocent Eyes, The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth

Saturday, 11/12: Gareth Thomas and Deanna discuss the elections and the aftermath; Open Lines; call in with comments and questions; Trump-Woolsey, Bait & Switch; Engdahl, Genies and Genocide; Trump Releases Israel Policy Six Days Before the Election; Israel Advisory Committee; Complete List of Trump Campaign Promises to Israel; Israel to Push Ahead with Settlement Building after Donald Trump Victory; Can Trump's Newly Released Statement on Israel Woo Voters; Zionists for Trump; Trump Names Two Advisors; Trump at AIPAC; Will Trump Keep His Promises to Israel?; How Europe is being Destroyed; Donald Trump, Mask OFF; Friedman Interview

Saturday, 11/19: 3-5: Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears, Please watch Run From the Cure; Rick's FaceBook; 20 Medical Studies that Show Cannabis can Potentially Cure Cancer; 5-6: Deanna: We've Been Trumped; PNAC Points; Monsanto's Ally Pompeo to Head the CIA: Bad Move Donald; Genies and Genocide: Syria, Israel, Russia and Much Oil; Trump and Woolsey, Was there a Bait and Switch?

Saturday, 11/26: Mark R. Elsis talks about JFK and the lasting impact of his very public assassination

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