Deanna's Guests for October 2016
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Saturday, 10/1: Clint Richardson, producer of The Corporation Nation, his new book; view his new film; BUSTED! Hillary Caught Using Hand Signals at Rigged Debate; Clint talks about the Mormon Corporation
Saturday, 10/8: Brett Wilcox, author of Jabbed: How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment and Government Stick it to You and Your Family; Trace Amounts (must see video)

Monday, 10/10, noon-2pm (CDT): Deanna will be a guest on the Roger Sayles program;;
, 10/15: 3-4pm (CDT): Dolly Kyle, Bill Clinton's childhood friend and the author of Hillary, the Other Woman; Also of interest: Major Media Build a Universe for Hillary; Prostitution, Blackmail and the Presidency; Clinton had Several Abortions; 4-6pm: Open lines - Deanna and Jen are going to focus on the work of Richard Packham, founder of the Exmormon Foundation. We are going to discuss his 101 Reasonable Doubts about Mormonism; call in with your comments and questions at 800-313-9443
Saturday, 10/22: 3-5pm (CDT): Wendy Cicchetti talks about child sexual abuse and its aftermath; Joseph Smith, a Sexual Predator; Stories about Child/Sexual Abuse in the LDS Church; Matt Long, Sex Crimes Prosecutor; Child Sexual Abuse and Mormonism; LDS Utah Child Molestation Cover-up; Deanna took calls The Clinton Chronicles;
Saturday, 10/29: 3-4:30: Gareth Thomas and Deanna discuss the Masonic foundation of the US, the mainstream media, corruption, illegal wars and other issues; Hillary Hitman Tells All; 4:30-6: Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom;;;; 

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