Deanna's Guests for October 2017
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Saturday, 10/7: 3-4: Vicky Davis talks about Las Vegas, Festival of Horrors, Cookie Cutter World, The Technocratic Tyranny; Mark R. Elsis talks about Las Vegas Shooting; Victims

Saturday, 10/14: 3-4: Jordan Goodman talks about the economic consequences of recent events; 4-6: Deanna talks about the Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean, Slavery and Slaughter, a chapter from book one of her trilogy; Columbus Day: the Back Story, Columbus was a Psychopathic Pirate

Saturday, 10/21: Pam Killeen, co-author of The Great Bird Flu Hoax and author of the books, Addiction: The Hidden Epidemic and (newly released) Survival of the Unfittest: How Wisdom Will Save Humans from Falling into Extinction; Mexico's Swine Flu and the Globalization of Disease; Executive Order -- Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats

Saturday, 10/28: 3-4: Deanna; Trump's meeting with Kissinger, 10/10/2017; Henry Kissinger Imagines a Solution to North Korea; Who Owns the Zika Virus?; 4-6: Judyth Vary Baker, the author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love, and lose Lee Harvey Oswald

November Programs

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