Deanna's Guests for October 2020
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Saturday, October 3: Clint Richardson talks about his new project. See The Corporation Nation (2010); Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination (2011); CAFR SCHOOL: School Districts and the Lottery; Common Core, Agenda 21, and Global Privatization

Saturday, October 10: 3-5: Legalman talks about the legalities or lack thereof in the US; 5-6: Rev. Frederick D. Shaw Jr. talks about doctors using electroshock therapy on children

Saturday, October 17: Vicky Davis discusses current events; other web site: The Technocratic Tyranny

Saturday, October 24: 3-5: Hugh Turley & John H. Clarke talk about the book, The Murder of Vince Foster, written by David Martin; See the associated web sites: 5-6: David Marlon talks about drug overdoses we are seeing during the pandemic, or mental health during the Pandemic, or an increase in fentanyl use

Saturday, October 31: Fred Gransville, author of A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, inside an Enigma, Part 1

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