Deanna's Guests for September 2015
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Saturday, 9/5: Dennis Wise, the producer of Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told!

Saturday, 9/12: Dr. Judy Wood talks about her book, Where Did the Towers Go? the Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11; See comments
Saturday, 9/19: 3-5: Kyle Hunt, of The Solar Storm on Renegade Broadcasting talks about the immigration issue into Europe; 5-6: Jeffrey D. King, Film maker
Saturday, 9/26: Dr. Gary G. Kohls, Archives of his programs, YouTube videos;

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Tuesday, 9/1: 3 pm (CT), Deanna is a guest on Graham Hart's program
Thursday, 9/3: Deanna shares the second half of The Myth of the Innocent Civilian by Harold Thomas (2002)

Monday, 9/7: James Perloff, author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior and The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline
Tuesday, 9/8: Deanna is a guest on The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller; audio at Spingola Speaks
Wednesday, 9/9: Deanna is a guest on Roger Sayles program 12-2 pm (CT); audio at Spingola Speaks

Thursday, 9/10: Deanna and Dr. Judy Wood talk about Dr. Wood's book, Where Did the Towers Go? the Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11
Monday, 9/14: Burt from Only Free Men; 90a, 90b, 90c, 90d, 90e, 90f, 90g
Thursday, 9/17: Deanna talks about how the PTB establish a psychological environment in the media, KOLs, and other relevant issues
Monday, 9/21: Deanna talks about freemasonry, internationalism, the NSDAP, and Hitler's OSS-manufactured history
Thursday, 9/24: Deanna interviews Derek, a former pharmaceutical representative
Friday, 9/25: Deanna subs for Clint Richardson 6-8 pm (Central time)
Monday, 9/28: Keith Johnson talks about his latest video,
Researcher's Guide to Sandy Hook and other Sandy Hook issues