Deanna's Guests for September 2018
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Saturday, 9/1: John Dietrich, author of The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy 

Saturday, 9/8: 3-5: James Perloff talks about Trump and censorship; 5-6: Tony Pantalleresco talks about weaponized weather,; ;

Saturday, 9/15: 3-5: Kristina Gehrki talks about Akathisia and psych drugs, Akathisia Anthem; Dr. David Healy's blog on SSRIs; Natalie's Story; Twitter; Akathisia 101; 5-6: Marie White, author of Strenghth for Parents of Missing Children

Saturday, 9/22: 3-5: Ali Zeck talks about her experiences with anti-anxiety drugs and suicide; 5-6: Chris from Las Vegas;  Why “happy” doctors die by suicide; Is Aluminum Safe to Use?; Are Aluminum Cans Bad For You?

Saturday, 9/29: 3-5: Reverend Austin Miles, writer at News with Views talks about the Kavanaugh debacle, Photo of Christine Blasey Ford? Extra: Smart Meters 2017; 5-6: Karen Kataline talks about how the Kavanaugh Obstruction Is the Left's Latest Attempt To Weaponize #MeToo; "You get to decide who you are."; P.T. Barnum Had Nothing On The Democrat’s Freak Show

October Programs

Truth can withstand the most intense scrutiny and does not fear investigation but rather invites exploration.