Unraveling Sofia Smallstorm's Video on Sandy Hook, Part 3
by Deanna Spingola
March 31, 2014
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The Hoaxer's Christmas Tree Deceptions and the Check-in Sign

On March 30, 2014, on my  RBN program, Keith Johnson and C. W. Wade answered each of Wolfgang W. Halbig's 16 questions. James Fetzer's version of Halbig's 16 questions differs from the 16 questions on Halbig's site. Fetzer asks in his version of Halbig's question 16: "Who ordered the twenty-six Christmas trees that were stored behind the Firehouse on 14 December 2012 and then brought out to be decorated to commemorate the twenty-six reported victims? This last question is remarkable by itself because, had the Firehouse been conducting a Christmas tree sale, it would have been normal to have had dozens and dozens of trees, not just the right number to equal the number of victims: the claim that there were exactly 26 trees behind the firehouse. It is not just the improbability of having 26 trees for 26 victims, but that those trees were there before the shooting had taken place." I do not want to ignore Dr. Fetzer's question so I will cover it here. Hopefully, even Dr. Fetzer will recognize the logic that if there were only 26 trees on December 14 which someone then purchased to decorate for the victims then there would be no more trees at the firehouse. Yet, they were still selling trees on December 18.

Are those Christmas Trees
Video 1: at 55:19 minutes: "Somebody" sent this image to Smallstorm;
Smallstorm suggested "a giant premeditated plan" and said it was an "extreme oddity" that there were trees behind the firehouse on 12/14. On 12/15, an "out-of-towner" called and wanted to honor the shooting victims by purchasing 26 trees that people could decorate. Coincidentally, she implies, they just happened to have trees hidden away for this purpose. John Voket, a journalist for The Newtown Bee, wrote an article about the annual Sandy Hook Fire and Rescue Fundraising Sale during which they sell Christmas trees. Five hundred trees arrived on November 29, 2013. Their sale was “from 6 to 9 pm Monday through Friday (and by chance), and 9 am to 9 pm on weekends, through the holiday season — or until all the trees are gone.” Voket wrote, “The trees will be sold until Christmas Eve, or while supplies last.” When I called the SHFD, on 2/7/2014, to ask how many years they had been conducting the annual Christmas tree sale, the firefighter who answered the phone said 13 years. There was a legitimate reason for the trees to be there as they had been for the past 13 years. No conspiracy or premeditation here!!!!!
See the trees One can see the trees in this image, probably taken by Julio Cortez (AP) and found at this web site, along with dozens of other photos of that day and afterwards. Fetzer claimed that there were only 26 trees. I blew the photo up so that anyone who can count will easily see that there are more than 26 trees. Be sure to include the trees behind the gray, red and two white vehicles. Obviously there are some trees that one cannot count as they are behind the building. I guess the fireman that I talked to and the news accounts of the sale were lies, if we are to believe Dr. Fetzer. Perhaps, like Halbig, he thinks that most Americans are uneducated and just sitting around watching TV. Just because some thoughtful people suggested decorating trees for the victims during the Christmas season does not mean that it was a premeditated event and the trees were all part of some elaborate scheme.
Unloading Christmas Trees  For the photos of the 2012 Christmas tree sale, dated November 30, 2012, the 12th annual sale, when more than 500 trees arrived at the Sandy Hook Fire Department on November 23, 2012, click here. Obviously, the photos to the left are from the 2013 annual sale as you may note the 5-pointed stars (not 6-pointed as in the Star of David), in two different sizes, on the roof. Here is the story of the copper stars, made by Greg Gnandt, a coppersmith, of Trumbell, who "began creating the three-dimensional symbols as gifts about six or seven years ago." On January 1, Gnandt and Matt Hurley, Eric Lee, Lenny Sabia, Craig Schultz, Adrian Szietowski and Guy Veneruso made up the crew. Gnandt and his crew began the installation at 11 am and finished around 3 pm.
Copper Stars The crew worked for about four hours installing the stars. This image came from this web site. The six larger 5-pointed stars represent the teachers/staff members while the smaller stars signify the students. Regarding the image below, Smallstorm says that if you look at this "extreme oddity" that there are Christmas trees "hidden behind the firehouse and then put in front of the firehouse after the killings occurred. You cannot help thinking that the whole thing was a giant premeditated plan. The media told us that an out-of-towner had seen a notice of the firehouse Christmas tree sale in the Sandy Hook news footage and had stepped forward to donate the trees as a commemoration to the victims. And here's a question, if the firehouse was so people-friendly as to have a Christmas tree sale why did the school itself have no decorations." The school did have Christmas decorations which are obvious in some of the crime scene images. Smallstorm, though she spent time analyzing images of the victims and their families apparently did not wait for the official reports so that she could analyze the crime scene images. She also referred to the green flag with the star made up of all of the smaller stars and the plaque on the firehouse with the line from Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem, Hitch Your Wagon to a Star, which she claims is a unity message because Newtown is the home of the Unity Project. She appears to be attributing far too much meaning to a simple message of love, sympathy and supported for the victims.
26 Trees
Video 1: at 55:42 minutes
In Video 1, Smallstorm used a quote from a web site (see image left) and associates it with the Christmas trees which implies that the entire event was premeditated. She refers to Newtown, a Transition town which seeks to build "community resilience." The site talks about Earth Day and other sustainable or green ideas. Thousands of towns throughout America have globalist Agenda 21 groups and is insignificant in the supposed orchestrating of a mass school shooting. At 27:13, Smallstorm gives three quotes on the screen, evidently from Transition Newtown, “The Transition model is based on a loose set of real world principles and practices that have been built up over time through experimentation and observation of communities as they drive forward to reduce carbon emissions and build community resilience.” “It is better to plan and be prepared than to be taken by surprise.”“We are living in an age of unprecedented change, with a number of crisis converging. We have to act together, and we have to act now.”
Gene on Sofia's film

Video 1: 52:43:  The “illuminated” Check-in sign

Thanks to Wade who called our attention to this issue. See Wade's video about the check-in sign. At 52: 36, in Video 1, Sofia said that YouTubers had "pointed out the Check In sign at the firehouse that could be seen on TV (Fox News). She asked if this was for "emergency teams and the press to keep track of who showed up and what they had come for. Was it for the hundreds of parents looking for their kids? It is an illuminated sign as well, clearly a part of the equipment." Then she immediately connected the Rosen interview as if it took place on 12/14 and referred to the people who were aimlessly circling around the firehouse. That aimlessness was due to the fact that she used a looped video. This video showing Rosen, was shot on 12/18, NOT 12/14, as Smallstorm implies. If an individual wishes to refute the government's version of an event, he/she begins by reviewing the official records. He/she does not fabricate "evidence" from questionable, unnamed and unknown sources, to build a consensus theory, before those records are even available. To refute the government, start with its claims, not with YouTube videos.
Gene Rosen On Tuesday, 12/18, Megyn Kelly interviewed Gene Rosen across the street from the fire house. At 15 seconds into the video, Kelly refers to "last Friday morning" and at 40 seconds states that this is a live interview. By Tuesday, officials put up a sign, "Everyone Must Check In" as many photographers, media people and others had arrived in Newtown. The "illuminated" sign was not there on Friday, the day of the mass shooting. A state of normalcy had somewhat resumed by Tuesday; Riverside Road was no longer clogged with traffic and students had returned to school. Evidently, to claim that the shooting was a drill, Smallstorm used the video and implied that the interview had occurred on 12/14 and that the sign was proof that it was a live FEMA drill. Regarding signs, in an actual drill, officials post a sign saying, Police Training in Progress, Do Not Enter. Drills are usually conducted on a closed campus according to the FEMA guidelines when children are not present. Many school administrators also suggest that a drill is a good experience for older, high school-age kids but would never consider exposing elementary-age children to such a traumatic experience. In a drill, the participants must say, at the beginning and end of every communication, "This is an Exercise." Listen to the communications in the records; you will NOT find it.
School Kids The two people with backpacks behind the other couple appear to be high school kids.
Gene on December 18 Additionally, if there were only 26 trees "hidden" at the firehouse, as Fetzer claims, they would NOT still be selling Christmas trees on 12/18, the day of Kelly's interview. Fetzer claims there were only 26 trees which they decorated for the victims on December 15. Please note the white sign behind Rosen which advertises the trees and please note the trees behind the sign.
Gene Rosen on Friday This is a photo of Rosen taken on the day of the mass shooting. Notice that he has a different shirt on. It was not the same shirt that he was wearing four days later.  Smallstorm, who focuses of the victim's and their family's clothes, apparently did not notice this. This Sandy Hook shootings are not about the citizens against the government; it is about one group of citizens lying about another group of citizens - teachers, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, policemen, bus drivers, firemen, local news reporters, doctors, nurses, morticians and funeral directors, literally the entire town. I have not found any deception in their stories. I know what people claim; that the people in Newtown are somehow part of a government operation. Why should we chose to believe one group of citizens over another group? I have talked with two nationally-known school safety experts, one of which interacted with the parents of the children who were shot. They are both well aware of Halbig. It seems that both groups of citizens would like some credibility. Yet, one group appears to distract and even vilify anyone who even suggests looking at the records, supplied by dozens of citizens who were there. Shouldn't individuals look at both sides and make up their own minds without being castigated? Why should we believe Smallstorm, Fetzer and Halbig who have all used cleverness and evidently deception to try to convince people of their views instead of the families who they have accused of lying?
Gene Rosen on December 18 Gene with Megyn
Sandy Hook FS

Location of SHFD – at the intersection of Sunnyview and Riverside Road

Sandy Hook Fire Station on December 14
This is how the area looked on December 14

On March 21, 2014, Dr. James Fetzer said, "Spingola has lost her way." How blatantly arrogant - just because I have different conclusions about Sandy Hook than him, he declares that I have "lost" my way. He probably has a different opinion/theory than I have on fracking, organ donations, the Civil War, World War I and II, and a number of other issues but I would never be so presumptuous as to declare that Fetzer has lost his way. His audaciousness is almost beyond belief but is legendary. He temporarily withdrew his support of Dr. James Tracy and Smallstorm because they questioned Halbig's tactics. Apparently, Fetzer, at least in some circles, is the Top Sandy Hook Hoaxer, the one who decides what individual is credible or what theory is valid, despite the facts. Fetzer accompanied Wolfgang Halbig to Newtown to challenge the school board with Halbig's already-answered 16 questions, only one of which the school board has any jurisdiction over, #9. Fetzer heavily promotes Halbig as an expert. Is it because Halbig endorses and disseminates Fetzer's initial claims about Sandy Hook? Why would Halbig and Fetzer ask the school board questions about FBI records? Halbig offered to pay the expenses for the trip for Smallstorm and Tracy who had the good sense to decline. There is an explosive new must-read book about Wolfgang Halbig that can be downloaded for free here.


Big, big pharma and the medical industry kills almost 900,000 people a year through their vaccines, and toxic medications and drives hundreds of people to engage in aggressive or questionable behavior against others. Twenty-three active members of the military or recent veterans commit suicide each and every day while 280,000 infants under the age of twelve months receive anti-psychotic drugs based on their doctor’s recommendation. One million children under the age of five take mind-altering drugs. Without the financial contributions of the pharmaceutical industry, an individual will not be elected to a political office. Therefore, one might conclude that the pharmaceutical industry controls the political dialogue and actions in this country and will do whatever it takes to conceal the negative, deadly consequences of their toxic chemicals. In as much as the government invests in and is largely controlled by those corporate interests, the government is going to take counter measures to control or obfuscate the truth, especially in the so-called truth movement. They do this by using the Delphi Technique which was developed by the RAND Corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense back in the 1950s. It is a very valuable psychological weapon to manipulate any group, like the skeptical and very susceptible people in the alternative media who anticipate conspiracy or corruption at every turn. If the government was going to implement a counterintelligence operation, it would be within the so-called alternative media.