Deanna's Guests for April 2017
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Saturday, 4/1: rebroadcast

Saturday, 4/8: Diane King and Jim Rizoli talk about censorship at Amazon and other topics;

Saturday, 4/15: Jeanice Barcello; Blog, Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality; 5-6: Yes, there was something wrong with Aunt Diane, Lilly talks about Ambien 

Saturday, 4/22: 3-6: Mark R. Elsis; Hitler's Peace Plans edited by Mark R. Elsis; Holocaust Revisionism; Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, A Courageous Hero For Peace written by Mark R. Elsis

Saturday, 4/29: 3-5: James Perloff talks about some of his recent articles and current events; 5-6: Open Line; callers welcome - 100th day of the Trump presidency

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Truth can withstand the most intense scrutiny and does not fear investigation but rather invites exploration.