Deanna's Guests for December 2019
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Saturday, December 7: Clint Richardson subs for Deanna; Pearl Harbor, Links compiled by Mark R. Elsis; Day of Infamy

Saturday, December 14: Dave Gahary and Deanna talk about Sandy Hook

Saturday, December 21: Rebroadcast

Saturday, December 28: Brad Huddleston, the author of Digital Cocaine and Porneia, a Global Tragedy talks about technology addictions, such as cell phones, video games, etc. Also see: Brad Huddleston. The Dark Side Technology; Overuse of Technology Can Lead to ‘Digital Dementia’; Beware of the dark side of technology, warns expert; Digital Detox - 7 News Mackay (July 2014); 4000 plus Mackay residents hear Ibalance talks

January Programs

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