Deanna's Guests for March 2017
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Truth does not fear investigation!

Saturday, 3/4: Friedrich Paul Berg talks about his recent debate; Berg states: The REAL Mass Murderers were the Anglo-Americans and the Jews themselves!; 5-6pm (CST): Callers welcome 800-313-9443, weigh in with your thoughts about the Hunt/Berg debate, initiated by Eric's recent views; Auschwitz "liberation," hear their debate

Saturday, 3/11: 3-5: Fanie, Genocide on the Boers; 5-6: Michael Walsh talks about Amazon's recent banning of books; the World Jewish Congress (WJC) welcomed Amazon move to remove holocaust-denial books, offers assistance in identifying further material; Robert Singer, LA Times. Truth does not fear investigation.

Saturday, 3/18: Stefan Verstappen Indications show that the simmering hatred/violence since Trump's election will explode when the weather warms up. We are at war (video); Household Cyclopedia of Useful and Domestic Arts

Saturday, 3/25: rebroadcast

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