Deanna's Guests for November 2018
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Saturday, 11/3: Ingri Cassell talks about influenza, flu vaccines and what is happening now with the latest flu vaccine research, Vaccination 101, Humbleweed; ACIP Meeting 2/2018; ACIP Meeting, Public Comments, 10/23/2018;

Saturday, 11/10: 3-4:30: Eric Wilson, Is Obamacare Working or Is This The Calm Before the Storm?; 4:30-6: Victor Fletcher of the Toronto Street News

Saturday, 11/17: Adam Smith, Hank, Hans, Nick Mason from Myth of the 20th Century

Saturday, 11/24: 3-4: Dr. Michael Lewis, author of When Brains Collide; 4-6: David R. Crowe, President of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society (ARAS); The Genetic Theory of Infectious Diseases: A Brief History and Selected Illustrations

December Programs

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